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Quoting Process

Stage 1

We provide you with a budget estimate based on your concept. If this amount is within your budget, we get together and discuss your project requirements, finishes and specifications in more detail.

Stage 2

Based on the details provided in Stage 1 we provide you with a more accurate second estimate based on this new information and your project needs. If this revised amount is within your budget we proceed to the final stage of costing, Stage 3. It is at this stage we would expect to receive all drawings and engineering requirements for review.

Stage 3

If the second estimate is within your budget, we can proceed with the final process which ultimately leads to your final fixed price quotation. We charge a commitment fee to proceed to this final stage. This fee covers the time taken to be able to source detailed pricing from our suppliers, trades, do further research. It is calculated on the scope of the project and is determined at this stage, We look into your scope of works in more detail, speak to council if need be to enable us to provide your final estimate. This fee is deducted off the final contract price of the project.

Fixed Price Guarantee

It is from here we do all the intricate details of finalising costing to enable
us to be completely transparent with your final quote. Noone likes hidden
costs or surprises. This is why we have developed this 3 Stage process to
ensure you know exactly what you are getting.

Providing a detailed custom design quotation to suit your project is a long and detailed process that covers all relevant items and specifications invovled in your personal project. It is not a one size fits all. This process takes weeks of work and all details are covered with our suppliers and trades to ensure we can provide you with a firm price at the end of this process without any hidden costs.

Once the final estimate is acceptable and the commitment deposit has been paid based on industrty knowledge and experience, we will guarantee the pricing will not vary more than 5% of the Stage 2 estimate. If this final estimate does and we can not provide fair supporting reasons as to why, we will refund your commitment deposit should you decide not to proceed any further.